Things to do in Calgary in Winter: Locked in a Chocolate Factory (Wine Included)!

things to do in calgary in winter

This has got to be one of our favourite things to do in Calgary this winter. As a bonus, it is regularly available on Groupon for a heavy discount (can be further discounted an additional 10-20% with Groupon codes). We have been customers at Choklat since it was a wee little shop in Inglewood. Now, they have a massive factory in northeast Calgary and regularly offer Wine and Chocolate tours.
This is unlike any other tour we have experienced. The owner, Brad Churchill, is stupidly passionate about his product and personally leads the event. The evening starts with a cup of hot chocolate topped with blue whip and is the most creamy and rich beverage we have ever tasted. Then, you get to try all different varieties of chocolate paired with a delicious tasting of wine and learn about the chocolate making process, which is more intricate than it seems.
If you are like us, you'll enjoy your evening, but have a nagging thought at the back of your head, something along the lines of "okay, how is this different from any other chocolate I've had". That's when Brad brings out the Lindt. He asks you to try Lindt and Choklat side-by-side. At this point, you are sold. There is no way you will leave this tour without taking some of their product home. This excursion may also become your favourite thing to in Calgary this winter!

COST: $20-$25 (depending on your Groupon-ing skills)


ADDRESS: So Choklat Directions

REQUIRES REGISTRATION: Yes, SIGN UP HERE. Register in advance as these events regularly sell out!

WEBSITE: So Choklat

NOTES: Leave the kids at home; this is an adults-only event