Midweek Dinner Inspiration - Tuesdays & Wednesdays

Things to do in Calgary: Midweek Dinner Inspiration - Tuesdays & Wednesdays

COST: Free ($10 per person, returned to you in Real Canadian Superstore gift cards)


ADDRESS: Real Canadian Superstore - Coventry Hills or Real Canadian Superstore - Deerfoot Heritage Meadows

REQUIRES REGISTRATION: Yes, can be done last minute. SIGN UP HERE

WEBSITE: pccookingschool.ca

START: 6 P.M. - TUESDAYS at Coventry Hills or WEDNESDAYS at Heritage Meadows
The What's For Dinner class takes place in the program rooms on the second floor of Superstore. This is the cheapest and most affordable cooking school in Calgary. Every class is a drop-in with no long-term commitment. Check in with the coordinator and have a seat at the round table. The chef will demonstrate an entree using President's Choice ingredients and provide you with a copy of the recipe. While the organizers suggest that everyone will get just a taste of the final product, we have always found it to suffice for a light dinner. The class will end with you receiving $10 gift cards for groceries downstairs. 

FINISH: 8:30 P.M.
End the night by picking up ingredients for a quick meal at home. You can always spend your gift card on a peri peri spiced rotisserie chicken, chalet sauce mix for an easy gravy, a cesar salad kit, and mashed potatoes.

NOTES: The cooking school is not an allergy free zone.